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When you are looking for a business that can create trophies, plaques, awards and medals, you are searching for Trophy Singapore. We design and produce all types and all kinds of trophies with client needs in mind, so you will undoubtedly be getting precisely what you envisioned.

The machines we make use of are regulated regularly so that they can supply you with the best possible result. Every engraved, routed, marked and cut item is manages with correct tools, meaning we can deliver the same quality, over and over once more. The systems we utilize can work with curved, flat, cylindrical and odd-shapes items. And of course, we are not restricted by the materials we use, on the contrary, we can work with any product on the market.

CNC routing systems we utilize provide excellent inscription outcomes because they are versatile and have huge capabilities. And because we have actually been in this industry for a while, we have experienced employees who understand ways to manage any requirement and solve any problems. No matter how requiring the task is, we have a team that will certainly finish the order on time and with the best possible result. You will surely be pleased with the trophy you receive from us.

If you need etching on metal, glass, wood or plastic surfaces, call us. We can deal with curved and flat surfaces with sizes ranging from 4’x8′ to 8″x10″. When we can do all that work for you, why ought to you choose laser engravers. We utilize advanced systems that are back up by our well-informed and skilled team.

We must likewise note that we have a huge option of trophies, awards, medals and plaques so you can swiftly get exactly what you require. Of course, we can modify and customize any design we currently have to rapidly offer you with a completed product. In case you have your very own vision, call us so we can deal with it together and create the prize you imagined.



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