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Canvas Printing

There are numerous companies which print photos on canvas. However , we at Canvas Printing Singapore use sophisticated technologies and high-quality printers so we can deliver the best quality products. And this is just one of the reasons our clients call us Professionals!

What lots of people are unaware of is that canvas comes in many different styles and that it can be of different quality level. There are lots of companies who endanger their work with chemically treated, low quality canvas. Beware of printing firms who use canvas produced in China, it’s a sign that you will receive a low quality output.

Canvas Printing Singapore uses high quality canvas only, the one which is treated with ecologically safe products only. We use 100% cotton canvas which has an authentic weave at 450gsm. You can request even the most challenging work from us, we will be in a position to deliver what you need due to the fact we are not afraid we will fail your requirements. With the materials and technology we provide you with, we can satisfy any demands and expectations.

We protect our canvas prints with UV protection laminate and superb lamination procedure. The protection we use goes deep into the canvas so our products can last for decades. We don’t use lacquers since they fade and crack. Stay away from canvas that is covered with lacquers, or even worse, canvas that isn’t coated at all.

Experts understand that stretching canvas is a procedure that takes practical experience and knowledge. Canvas Printing Singapore has a crew of professionals that understand how to treat canvas. This is the reason why all our goods are perfectly folded and tucked. The frame will completely fit the canvas and you will definitely get a high quality product that will display your photo for decades to come.



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